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Cooking Up Community Around The Hearth…

A working team gathers over fire and food. You can watch the layers of relationships peel back like those of the proverbial onion. Barriers come down, attitudes change, bonds form. The professional-grade appointments aside, anyone and everyone is invited to cook as much as they wish.

Outside the kitchen door is more fire. There’s a hybrid, Italian-style forno for artisan pizza and other wood-fired fare. A custom-made stainless-steel grill is large enough for whole animal barbecue.

Beyond the cooking, it’s the breaking of bread with friends old and new that makes the Boone Creek kitchen a place for building the team. That’s because it’s all happening on the down low, when everyone least expects it.

  • New commercial kitchen with stainless-steel appliances.
  • Dual-fuel pizza oven.
  • Large, wood-fired stainless steel grill.
  • Outside seating for up to 30.

Break bread. Build community.

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