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Clarity comes home…

“Remind me, why are we going to the woods?”

Lovely, green and easy on the eyes. Remote and mythical, this is land that inspired explorers. People like the Boone family. Pioneers. Entrepreneurs. Leaders. They were resilient, resourceful folks, stewards of the land, who believed in a dream, serving their families, country and conscience.

So, why come to the woods?

For the newcomer, visiting here can be a head scratcher. Then, the reality sets in. It’s been awhile, but that familiar sound is…you. You’re hearing yourself think again. The low-level hum of the electrified environment is gone. Replacing it is the rhythm of nature before smartphone and Fitbit.

Solitude is here

But solitude is not aloneness. Solitude can also be a remoteness from society. And Boone Creek Farm is remote. That’s the reason this place works. The land here has memory you can feel. Here, “Organic” is not a label. Organic is a living thing that is the landscape, the trees, the wildlife, and you.

It’s almost as if there’s a reset button on your biology

Your being is enlivened, engaging with a landscape that’s green and growing.

Re-boot. Re-frame.
Re-imagine. Re-invigorate

Boone Creek Farm is a place for more than mere meetings. Yes, the Design Center has a conference space. But it’s not a hotel meeting room. This is a place for contemplation and consideration. The din of daily life is at a distance. Here, new thoughts bubble to the surface. Conversations can have uncommon clarity. Things happen here.

1895 welcomes the Diesel engine, auto racing, football, and this farmhouse…

Yes, it’s quiet here. Always has been. But the house has evolved since 1895. The joys of indoor plumbing are just the beginning. Restorations and renovations include more bedrooms, a big kitchen, a music system, TV and WiFi.

Despite the nod to modern living, you still feel the spirit

It’s in the bones of this place. After a day of working in the Design Center and walking the land, your group can gather and unwind, finding joy and satisfaction.

Feeding Flame, Breaking Bread

A rustic meal outdoors has an effect as old as civilization. In the woods, food tastes better. And the sharing brings new conversation, new laughter, and a new sense of rhythm and role. With the breaking of bread, divisions disintegrate.

Communal meals are a part of building community here at the farm

And just like the landscape, dining here is simple perfection. Good food is a gift. So is the fellowship that follows. The dining here is like the landscape: unaffected, satisfying, meaningful and memorable.

The Joy Of Cooking Up A Storm

Maybe it’s the primal fire of tribal imperative reignited. Whatever inspires it, it seems like everyone who comes here cooks. It’s not a requirement. It’s not even part of the plan. It just happens. Maybe because there’s plenty of room in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a place of possibilities

It has its own gravity and draws everyone into its orbit. Gathering around the fires and making the meal just feels right. Who knows why? We don’t question. We just let the magic happen. (Especially around the wood-fired pizza oven.)

Deliberate & Essential Meet Calm & Balance

It’s a fact of science: natural environments have a calming effect on people. They improve focus. Being at Boone Creek Farm is a respite for the overtaxed mind. The spirit is allowed to breathe. The psyche gets to find its way. New beginnings appear. New openings are evident. New pathways emerge. The wisdom of the woods inspires the being.

Leadership With Purpose & Intent

One of the reasons we developed Boone Creek Farm as a conference venue is to provide a place for folks to connect without distraction. We are believers in the tenets of Servant Leadership, and have done considerable work with James Hunter, one of the world’s prolific teachers of Servant Leadership. He comes here often, and is available to lead your group at the farm should you wish.