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Boone Creek Farm is a place to re-center, find fire, and hone mettle. Here at the edge of Ozarks, in the land of Daniel Boone’s kin, that happens by getting into the woods, putting your hands to craft, cooking great meals, and breaking bread together.

  • Design Center for conferences, multi-media presentations, design & build projects.
  • Antique farmhouse with sleeping accommodations and social spaces.
  • Professional kitchen, wood-burning oven and oversize grill for cooking big meals and gathering around the fire.
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Less media. More social.

Connectivity helps make this place possible. But when you get here, turning off devices feels good. The trees are welcoming. The patio beckons. Hanging out, having fun, eating, drinking, talking and making—it all happens. Part of the plan is staying loose and being easy.

Lighting the fire

Boone Creek Farm is a taste of the frontier that shaped the American character. Natural grace rules. Here, the spirit is refreshed. Armor is checked at the door. Doors are left open. Fresh air rules. The air is full of possibilities. What do you feel like accomplishing today?

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