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EZ Street Excellence In Leadership Summit

Putting People First

Event Details

When, Where, & RSVP

Sunday, October 10th to Tuesday the 12th

RSVP to Brandie Wilson
Email: or call (305) 779-6684

Boone Creek Farm
16659 Boone Creek Road
Licking, MO 65542


3 days, 2 nights

Day 1

Before 1:30 PM

Arrive at St. Louis International Airport, then drive to the farm

5:30 PM

Arrive at the farm, introductions and tours

6:30 PM

Welcome dinner at the farm—break bread, enjoy food and fellowship

Day 2

Working breakfast

Servant Leadership

Working Lunch

Team Building, Wood working—bring home a customized charcuterie/cutting board

Cocktail hour—enjoy the farm views, share laughs and stories from the day, and take it all in

7:00 PM


Day 3

Working breakfast

Depart for St. Louis International Airport

Every day, like aggregate from a quarry, you’re out there crushing it on the front lines of asphalt.

YOU are the reason
EZ Street Asphalt is king.

You’re used to thinking of your leaders, your boss, your directors.

But do you know that you’re a leader, too?
At your work, in your community, your home, your friendships; wherever two or more gather, there is an opportunity for leadership.

View the Event Objectives

So, why come to the woods?

For the newcomer, visiting here can be a head scratcher. Then, the reality sets in. It’s been awhile, but that familiar sound is…you. You’re hearing yourself think again. The low-level hum of the electrified environment is gone. Replacing it is the rhythm of nature before smartphones and Fitbit.
View the Event Objectives

Skill. Influence. Authority. Leadership.

We can all grow in understanding how to be a better leader.

And better leadership brings better organization, better community, better families.

Here is what you will learn with

The Power of Servant Leadership


Servant Leadership Principles

Learn the timeless and lifechanging principles of Servant Leadership.

Power and Authority

Learn the differences between leading with power and leading with authority.

Character and Habits

Learn the four-step process of character and habit development.

Servant Leadership Payoffs

Discover the professional and personal payoffs of Servant Leadership

The Implementation

Learn how to implement the principles of Servant Leadership into your life and organization.

Improving with Leadership Skills

Learn leadership skills that will improve productivity, creativity, commitment, employee retention, customer service, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line.

Successful Organizations

Learn the life changing principles being practiced in some of the most admired and successful organizations in America.

Leadership Overview

Videos of the James Hunter Experience

About Us

Your hosts

The Boone Creek Farm family has been coming to Texas County to “take the knots out of our ropes” since 1976. As entrepreneurs, we strive for excellence in everything we do. That pursuit of excellence is embodied in our company, EZ Street Asphalt. A quarter-century ago, we founded EZ Street to serve infrastructure repair professionals by providing a product that is faster, easier and less expensive to use. We serve markets as disparate as Licking, Missouri and New South Wales, Australia.

Boone Creek Farm

A decade ago, we created Boone Creek Farm as a destination getaway. It’s where we do life together with our friends, family, and business associates from around the world.

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